Burning Man. Utopia in the middle of a desert. Big Episode.

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David Cutter: davidcuttermusic.com
Pure Colors: purecolors.bandcamp.com

These are the music libraries that I use:
Extreme quality sound : share.mscbd.fm/ptuxerman
A massive database of original music and sounds and SFX: share.epidemicsound.com/CjNB9

📎Useful links
Ukrainian Burn Community : uburners.com/?fbclid=IwAR3Jcb ...
Russian Burn Community : BurningManRu ...
Siberia's youtube channel with lots of interesting and useful info on BM:
eetvs.info/load/6Hi.html ...

Art installations from the film:
CATHARSIS mycatharsis.art.tilda.ws/#team
COCOONAP artmisto.com/cocoonap/u/
SLONIK mishalibertee.com/slonik

Special thanks to Vasya Bondarenko, for arranging a costume:
vaskabond?igshi ...

My gear:

Cameras eetvs.info/much/cZyCnrCZm5PYmp0/video
Drones eetvs.info/much/caKqqLWMjJu8m2I/video

My social handles:
Telegram channel : tele.click/ptuxerman
Instagram: ptuxerman

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